Hi! I'm Mary.

I am a junior doctor and hobbyist software developer from the UK. I work on an eclectic variety of technologies in my free time. My most notable open-source contributions are in software and hardware preservation; take a look at a profile on GitHub.

I have previously contributed to several open-source emulators including Dolphin, Citra, yuzu and Ryujinx.

I like abstract mathematics, reverse engineering, radiophysics, compilers, digital signal processing and retrocomputing. I sometimes dabble in drawing and music. I particularly enjoy teaching and education; please reach out if there is anything I do you'd like mentoring on!

I occasionally write about things I'm working on in my lab notebook.

Feel free to reach out to me on twitter at @merryhime_.

Personal Projects


Dynarmic is a dynamic recompiler for multiple ARM architectures under active development. It currently has support for ARMv4 to ARMv8. It is used in a number of other projects, including Citra, yuzu, EKA2L1 and Vita3K. The project is 0BSD-licensed.

I am available for consulting regarding product integration.


DrGBA is a work-in-progress experiment in new emulation techniques. When writing an emulator, one often has three competing concerns: emulation accuracy, emulation speed, and software maintainability. This projects aims to demonstrate that a fast, cycle-accurate recompiler can be written in a readable and maintainable fashion.

Other Projects

Recent Lab Notebook Entries